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The bike that lit the world on fire and started ALL the buzz! The #1 selling #-Bike in its class for 7 years running! The ORIGINAL e-bike and still stands as a tried-and-true bike in our lineup. The Savage 2.0 is a solid bike for many missions so don’t be fooled by the affordable price point. Unlike other bike’s using the hub motors, we spend countless hours designing the controller to outperform the others by leaps and bounds. This bike is built to perform like a RAMBO. Rambo’s entry level bikes are built better than 95% of other E-Bike’s “High End” bikes. If you’re looking for a high quality, high torque, reliable bike option that has tremendous value, this is the bike for you!

Smart Controller

The smart controller enables users to make real-time adjustments to power settings with ease. This could involve increasing or decreasing the power output of the device, allowing for customized per...

Waterproof LCD Display

The Digital LCD Display is tough and waterproof, showing key data like power, speed, battery, and mileage. Its Adjustable Class Setting (ACS) lets you switch between Class 1, 2, or 3 modes, tailore...

Built-in rear rack and Taillight

Built-in rear rack, provides practical utility for carrying additional gear or cargo while riding such as groceries, bags, or even specialized cargo like camping gear or work equipment. Integrated ...

Adjustable Stem Height

Universal Fit: The adjustable height stem allows taller riders to customize the handlebar height to achieve a comfortable riding position. This is important for optimizing comfort and reducing stra...

Front and Rear Fenders

"Let's get dirty" or not! Built in front and rear fenders for a clean ride in dirt and mud. Take on that tough terrain, our anti-puncture tires can handle it!

LG Branded 15 AH Battery

Put your mind at ease with our Safety Certified Battery