Pulsar Thermion 2 XG50 LRF

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Pulsar Thermion 2 XG50 LRF

The Thermion 2 XG50 represents Pulsar’s premium flagship riflescope. Featuring a high resolution 1024x769 AMOLED display with 3-24x magnification, and capable of detecting objects over 2500 yards away with a laser rangefinder effective to over 874 yards, this thermal imaging riflescope produces industry leading image quality at both short and long ranges. Its 640x480 microbolometer sensor works in conjunction with its 12μm pixel pitch to sharpen image quality and display objects in crystal clear detail. Boasting 10 hours of battery life on its dual batteries and housed in rugged magnesium alloy housing, this thermal optic is built to last.

Pulsar stands by its commitment to quality and provides a three year warranty on all its products with original proof of purchase. With Pulsar’s European engineering, advanced technology, and precision construction all dedicated to bringing hunters the best thermal imaging experience, buyers are assured of a worthwhile investment in a peerless product. 


Microbolometer resolution: 640x480 

Frame Rate: 50Hz 

Pixel pitch: 12μm 

NETD: <40mK 

Display resolution: 1024x768 

Display type: AMOLED 

Objective lens: F50/1.0 

Magnification: 3-24x 

Detector type: Uncooled ASi 

Detection range: 1900 yds 

Battery type: 4.9 A·h (internal), Dual Li-Ion B-Pack Mini Power System: 2 A·h Changeable (external) 

Battery life: 10 hours 

Dimensions: 16.5 x 3 x 3.7in 

Body material: Magnesium alloy 

Weight: 34.2oz