Eotech ClipIR-ELR MK2

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Eotech ClipIR-ELR Mk2 uncooled Extended Range Thermal Clip-On Sight was developed to provide soldiers with an unrivaled day / night advantage in detecting, observing and engaging hostile targets, independent of darkness and common obscurants used for visual concealment.

Eotech ClipIR-ELR Mk2 model can be used either as a Clip-on, or as a stand alone Weapon Sight for Sharpshooter or Sniper Rifles or in any weapon platform up to 50 caliber for targeting and observation. A unibody mechanical design ensures endurance in the harshest environments.

The Eotech ClipIR-ELR Mk2 sights incorporate the latest IR sensors, electronics and optical technologies to deliver field-proven performance and reliability. The in-house developed and customer-tailored electronics coupled with an intuitive user interface deliver maximum range performance. User-selectable image enhancement and region-of-interest settings result in an enhanced user experience, while automatic local contrast enhancement delivers superior image quality. The built-in digital compass and inclinometer provide range navigation and target orientation. Modern inter-connectivity options provide agile and customizable integration with a broad range of platforms (ATAK, etc.).

Rear-positioned controls allow for ease of use behind your day optic. Can easily support 20x mag from your DVO. MK2 variant has a 1280 display for stand alone mode (2x optical) in addition to being the longest range long wave clip-on available.